has been supplying quality and value products to customers all over Australia.

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Welcome to Saint River Investment

As a men's shirt wholesaler, Saint River has been supplying quality and value products to customers (Menswear Retail Store)  All over Australia.


If a gentleman ever needs a shirt, please comes to our customers or us.


Saint River products are mainly shirts and cover big range for stock service.



Saint River is a wholesale company based in Sydney, which mainly supplies good quality men's shirts to all over Australia. our range includes formal shirts, wedding shirts, semi-casual shirts, casual shirts and kid shirts.



Size range

Shirts from kid shirt (size 0 to 16), Adult shirts from XS to 5XL and 6XL.


In some popular designs, shirt size are up to 9XL.


Shirt fabric composition

Pure cotton, cotton polyester, polyester cotton, microfiber, tencel , modal, bamboo etc.





Classic fit (Brand: Saint River), Contemporary fit (Brand: Seine) and Body fit (Slim, Brand: Gerase).




Shirt type

Business shirts, Formal shirts,  Wedding shirts,  Semi Causal and Causal shirts.


Saint River are endeavouring to meet all the age group and all the function needs of the shirts.


In near future, Saint River will bring ladies range to meet the demand and specially that from corporate shirt business.